Saturday, February 23, 2013

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No need to use a digital camera / LSR again if want to photograph, simply by using the HP now you can enjoy the amazing picture by HP that you have. With kecangihan HP camera nowadays is a very efficient tool when it is used to take pictures.
Unfortunately one of us is still difficult to use technology on the HP camera, probably a few tips below to maximize your cell phone camera to be useful even to photograph the beautiful scenery without fear of the results are not good.

Ensure Bright Lights
For maximum results make sure we know the description of the object that we will take. For results outdor photos look brighter and labor when compared to indor. Flash Effective range of about 2-3 meters. So do berharao we illuminate the whole room with a flash.

Do not use the zoom
Usually if we dispose of the camera zooming in on HP results will look less good. So try to memoter from a short distance, so the whole object can fulfill frame.

Hold the phone steady
Try to calm your hand when taking photos using a mobile phone. The more stable the camera, the better the results. You can also take advantage of other objects as a backrest for stability within your bleak against a tree or wall too.

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Selecting the resolution
You should be able to use a high resolution when the camera gives resolution options. By choosing a high resolution means having a lot more detail and we can also print photos larger.

Read tips on composition
We must also have a good knowledge of the composition, it would be much help us shoot better.

Take pictures from different angles
Try to make shots from unusual angles. Suppose take pictures from below or from above, so the results are more different side.

Note the clarity of the lens
The lens is very dirty phone that affect objects that we will capture. Although as good or as beautiful as any object then the result will not be good. Use a soft cloth to clean the lens HP does not need to use any liquid. If exposed to decree anything oily we can also use cleaning glasses / LCD.

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Avoid editing of HP
Try not to edit your photos directly from HP. Manage photos dikomputer results clearly better than HP. So make sure you are not tempted to use image editing features in HP. With that we can have greater creative keleluasan later.

Recognize a Pause
Mobile cameras have what is called shutter lag, the time lag between when we pressed and also when we take photographs. Make sure we know the time lag well so we remain calm hands immediately after pressing the shutter.
Some of the tips above may be a guide for you who want to use a mobile camera to take pictures. The sophistication of the technology is no longer a barrier for us gaptek receipts HP camera. Since the function of the camera phone has become an easy item to use any application, such as photographing. Hopefully useful.

Friday, February 22, 2013

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if you are one of those having trouble sleeping, then you can resort to other types of music apart from the New Age. Here are some suggestions for agan song:
1. Muse - Unintended
Ane's favorite songs, it was not able to sleep if you have not heard this one Muse song. Moreover, the lyrics which means palace banged. Guaranteed banged fitting song for bedtime.

2. Christian Bautista - Beautiful Girl
This song always reminds women ane dream, hehe ... of course you would know the meaning of the song donk is Christian Bautista. Music is slow, there's no harm if you make a dream introduction agan. hehhe.

3. Hoobastank - The Reason
Everyone knows this one song, the lyrics are romantic and ears to music that fits, fits really make accompany sleep agan ..

4. Secondhand Serenade - Your Call
There are four under-Secondhand Serenade song, it's an old song but it's never bored-tuh bosennya ane puter. Immediately wrote suction ... below hehe

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5. Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You
One more from Secondhand Serenade, song Fall For You gonna make agan oblivious to the world ... (Go to sleep ... heheheheh)

6. Avril Lavigne - I Will Be
Avril song is this one weve Pantes if diacungin thumb, from the lyrics of the song and the music arrangement very top. Pas banged for a longer troubled .. hehe ...

7. Avril Lavigne - I'm With You
Still with Avril positioned on the 7th, I'm With You is one favorite song ane gan .. and must always accompany me by going to bed. Agan agan does not hurt to listen to this song.

8. Britney Spears - Everytime
Puter song this one, from the Britney song .... definitely suitable for skipper accompany sleep. Slow banged his song ...

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9. Spice gilrs-Viva Forever
Old song that always fits ears ane gan, cool intro banged. If agan like direct download gan

10. Emila - Big Big World
From the first listen to the song ane instantly fell in love, well fitting introduction for us to sleep. Please download if agan also love the song on this one.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

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While limiting emissions is the best way to stop global warming, researchers around the world are trying to find more efficient ways to save our planet from destruction is not far ends if global carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase at the same rate. Awareness of the environment has certainly caused a lot of discovery, consumption of energy-saving technologies and alternative energy sources. Below are 7 of the most amazing discovery for Global Warming.

1. Houses Floats

Global warming is not only the increase in global temperatures but also have taken the coastal areas. Flooding problems and a shortage of housing at the same time has led to the development of a unique houseboat. This house was first created by the company Dura Vermeer and installed in Maasbommel beach town in 2007. They consist of a hollow cube that gives them upthrust and allow them to float on water. Floating homes can hold up to five meter rise in sea level.

2. Artificial glaciers

Developing countries such as India-based agriculture is entirely dependent on the rain and the river. The rivers in India, Peru, Chile, etc., and many countries depend glacier with glacier melting is a big problem for States Agriculture. To overcome this problem the concept of creating an artificial glacier has been given by Chewang Norphel, a retired civil engineer in the Ladakh region of North India. This artificial glaciers provide water in the summer. Glaciers are created by collecting water into a shallow pool was blocked by a rocky embankment. The water in the pond frozen by lowering the temperature of the ice sheets to form. When summer comes it melts and the water used to grow crops. Largest artificial glacier the size of a meter wide and 45 kilometers.

3. Heat and Drought Resistant Plants

It is not difficult for people to survive in the scorching heat but it is impossible for the plant to survive in such conditions. Researchers using selective plant breeding methods to adapt to the climatic conditions. Behavior and characteristics of drought tolerant species studied carefully and their features added to the crops by genetic engineering. Researchers have experimented with turnips and corn, and plant samples iklik heat tolerance of 40 per cent better than conventional varieties.

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 Similarly, tests conducted on wheat in Egypt that claimed to use one-eighth of the water used by conventional wheat.

4. Power Skyscraper

A unique building was designed by architect David Fisher in Dubai, in which each floor can rotate on a central axis independent of the other floors of the building. Building form is constantly changing with its floor rotation. The building is equipped with environmentally friendly wind turbines between each floor that generate large amounts of energy to power 10 similar sized buildings. After designing green buildings for Dubai, Fisher is designing a tower similar to London, New York and Moscow.

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5. Terraced farming

Producing plants closer to customers and using efficient techniques to reduce water waste and other resources are used for agriculture. Dickson Despommier at Columbia University in New York City revealed that 80 percent of the land available for agriculture is already in use and to feed more people by 2050, we need to produce crops on farms in Skyscraper. Solar power systems will be used to grow crops, and there will be provision for recycling water and waste in a natural way. The plant will be safe from floods and droughts, and the required amount of irrigation can be given.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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There are more than three dozen species in the family Paradisaeidae, or better known as the bird of paradise. There are about 13 Genus of these birds and the most famous member of the genus Paradisaea. In Indonesia we call it with birds of paradise. Characterized by the striking colors and bright, yellow fur, blue, red, and green. With colors that they got the most beautiful and interesting birds in the world, so it is referred to as a bird of paradise. Birds of paradise are found in Papua or Papua New Guinea and the surrounding islands, including Eastern Australia. Unfortunately, the existence of these birds decreases as the number of illegal hunting irresponsible.

1. Lesser bird of paradise (Paradisaea minor)

The Lesser bird of paradise known as the little yellow bird of paradise. This medium-sized bird with a length of about 32 cm, red-brown with a yellow crown and upper back kecoklatan.Burung yellow males have the throat emerald-green color, a pair of long tail feathers and decorated with ornate yellow wings in the white base in the outer regions. Female birds are smaller than males, having dark brown head, white chest and without feathers adorned ornament. Penyabaranya forest area covers the entire northern part of Papua New Guinea, and the islands near Misool and Yapen.

2. Raggiana bird of paradise (Paradisaea Raggiana)

The Raggiana bird of paradise is also known as Count Raggi's bird of paradise. This bird is also known as the bird of paradise. Habitat This bird is widely distributed in the southern island of New Guinea and northeast. It has a length of 34 cm long, red-brown-gray, yellow iris and feet grayish brown. Male birds have a yellow crown, emerald-green throat and yellow collar between the throat. Wing feather color varies from red to orange depending on the subspecies. Female birds are smaller than males, with a brown face and had no fur trimmings.

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3. Astrapia Ribbon-tailed (Astrapia mayeri)

This is one of the most spectacular birds of paradise. His name Astrapia Ribbon-tailed and have the longest tail feathers in relation to body size, length is more than three times the length of its body. The length of the adult birds reached 32 cm with male birds that can reach 1 meter. Male birds have a black and green olive brown colored while the female bird. Males have the long tail-shaped white ribbon. Endemic area in the center of the island of New Guinea.

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4. Blue bird of paradise (Paradisaea rudolphi)

His name reminds one of the name taxi transportation in Indonesia. This bird is about 30 cm, black, dark brown iris, gray legs. Male birds wing feathers decorated with the dominance of blue-purple. So it is also called the Bird of Paradise Blue. Blue Bird of Paradise is a bird endemic to Papua New Guinea. Endemic area covers southeastern highlands of Papua New Guinea.

5. Riflebird Paradise (Ptiloris paradiseus)

If you've seen the movie Planet Earth, then you will see this bird. This bird has a length of about 30 cm with black male bird with a colorful crown turquoise, black legs, dark brown iris and yellow mouth. This type of female birds are olive brown. Is endemic to eastern Australia, Riflebird also scattered in a rain forest in New South Wales and central Queensland. Male birds can spread their wings and show it off as she moves to the right and to the left in front of female birds to attract them.